Minority Voices in the Media (2008)

At the time of my Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship in 2008 I was employed as Programme Director at Access Radio Wellington. I saw that one of my key roles at Access Radio was to empower minority communities and individuals through education and provide unrestricted access to broadcast facilities. So it was quite natural that my aim for the Fellowship was to research strategies for bringing, and then maintaining, minority voices in the broadcast media.

For my research trip I selected a cross-section of successful community and public sector media organizations in San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland and Berkley:

I wanted to find practical examples of people making their own voices heard. I was particularly interested in investigating sustainability strategies, development tools, organizational models, educational resources and initiatives with new technologies.

Ultimately I wanted to discover ways of working that would enable minority communities to better utilize their resources and assist them to communicate with a wider audience.

The final report documents my site visits and summarizes my learnings. The report is drawn from notes, recorded interview material, web screen shots, and quotes from organization’s websites.

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